Friday, August 19, 2011

Advantages of Social Networking

I know you must be familiar with those logo right? Almost everyone now has their own social networking profile. Social networking is a quite new internet invention taht brings every kind of social group together in one place. What are the advantages of social networking?


Everything is actually on your fingertips and now there are a lot of hot spot are like Mc Donalds and Starbucks. It is cheaper than text messaging and call. Like Twitter, people can easily send their tweets to their friends.


You can build trust with customers if you can connect with them on both personal and professional level. Using the social networking sites is all about sharing information, not only your own information but the other people's information that you think can be useful for others as well. The more the customers know you, the better. Despite having to do a bit work, it definitely pays off as you can be tapped for an offer if someone catches wind of your products. As long as it a good persuasion, there will be customers waiting, 


You have friends, people you know have friends, and so on. This is a common situation that has potential. Some couples also meet in the social networking sites. With this type of network, people can easily met and it also helps us finding our very old friends.

So, why people cannot take the social networking positively?

Another Ghost Story of Dorm E4

That was a night that I can't ever forget  in my life. The dorm that I lived in the year 2006, at Malacca Girl High School, E4, was left empty for about 10 years and I am the first badge using the dorm. Me and my other 13 dormitory was sent to live in that dorm for that year. 
    The first time I step into the dorm, I already felt something that creeping me out. I don't have a perfect words to explain it to you as the situations there was speechless. Actually I don't believe in paranormal activities. My I do know something about that dorm from my seniors. They told me there was a reason why that dorm was left for 10 years. As our principle change, she wanted to use E4 as the dorm again. Many students who knew about the history of the dorm were not support the initiative. But she, the principle, insist to use it.
    Night after the registration for the new year, 2006, we supposed to recite the 'Yassin' together but my dorm leader thought that it is not necessary to re-recite it seems it was already done in our 'surau'. Yet, the other dorm members agreed to keep it silence because if our warden figure out that we did not do it, he will punish us all. My mother once said that if we enter some new place, especially the place that have not used for a very long time or the abandoned, we have to recite some al-Quran prayer.
    At mid night, after all the dorm mates went sleep, one of us heard a strange sound coming from the locker. Then, she saw the locker vibrates too many times. It look like there was something trying to get out from the locker. Actually, there was a teddy bear inside her locker. Yes, it was her locker. She was scared and woke us up. But when we look at the locker, it was fine and stick to he old position. On the first day, we were not believe that she had facing 'something'.
    The second night after the incident, our dorm leader had the hysteria. She cried all night long. We called our warden and he recite some prayer then the 'thing' just disappear. Then, it was my turn to accompany her sleep. I sleep beside her and suddenly my blanket was pull down. Everyone in my dorm was sleep. So who were pulling down my blanket? I tried to be cool and just pull back my blanket. Then 'it' pull back my blanket. It was not funny. It was like pulling the pull and I try to pull back and whispered, "I don't want to play". Then the 'thing' stop pulling the blanket. It was such a relieve! Oh my, it was speechless. I can't see the exact 'thing' and I don't want to! After that, I tried to take some sleep.
    On the next day, I asked my friend, Fara, whether she could sleep or not last night. Then she told me that something came to her last night and asked her if she wanted to know who it is. She just kept silence and wait for the day.
    This story is a true story and while I am writing this essay, suddenly my hostel went blackout all of the sudden.  

My Favorite: Volleyball

Let me tell you about my passion towards volleyball. Everyone will not believe that I am the volleyball-er!
    I fall in love with game since the first time I knew about it and try to learn how to play it. It was like love at the first sight. Since primary school, I have some interest in this games but I am not capable to be the player because there are a lot of  player in my school. In addition, I am already the player for the handball team for my school. At that particular time, we, students, cannot play a lot of games in the same time. In fact, the training fall at the same time. So I have problems with the training time. But at the same time, I am only the beginner and I have faith to get into this game.
    Being the player for my high school was already a gift for me. I represent my school for the volleyball tournament and I am the first six! I learn further about this game since I was invited to join the club. But beginners like me was only qualified to represent the school not the district or state level. I take that opportunities as to express my passion towards this game. Every morning in the hostels, I will play the game with my friends. If there were no one wanted to play along, my beloved teacher, Mr. Azam, will asked me to join him. I was the 'anak emas' of him. 
    Mr. Azam thought me some skills in the game and today I used it in the campus. I finally the representatives for my college and guess what? I am qualified to join the Karisma! I hope I could be the best player and of course I want to learn further about skills in this game.